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  • How much will it cost me?
    We keep our pricing simple. Book time on the booth for the flat rate of $150 per hour. We require a two hour minimum booking.
  • What if my event is less than two hours?
    It is possible for our Smilur partners to work with you on booking events less than two hours. Contact one near you to ask about special arrangements.
  • Do you provide anything else like backdrops or props?
    At this time we only provide the booths and the fun! We'll leave the backdrops and props to your creativity!
  • Will there be an attendant at my event the whole time?
    No. Our booths are designed to be 100% autonomous. They do not require an attendant. Who wants someone they don't know hanging around taking pictures at their event?
  • Why can't I just use my phone to take pictures? Isn't it the same?
    Absolutely not! Have you ever tried to take a group shot with just one phone? You'll be asked to text the photo to everyone, and have to collect the numbers, or you'll be handed a bunch of phones, and have to take one with each. Our photo booths eliminate all those challenges... simply pose the group, take the photos, and then each person can enter their contact info directly on the touchscreen. Our booth instanty sends the pictures to every phone or email. Easy button! :)
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